November 14, 2013

I've Got Butterflies

After we got all of the furniture for our baby girl's nursery, we were left with a lot of blank wall space. She has the biggest bedroom in the house so there is a lot of wall. I didn't want to tackle anything too big like stenciling or even painting a mural. I liked the way those look, but honestly it seemed like a daunting task for a super pregnant lady--one slip up with the paintbrush could ruin the entire thing. Plus, I wanted to do this on the cheap. Enter the paint chip & punch project. 

Make colorful nursery or playroom art with paint chips and a butterfly punch | A Crafty Wife

I bought this butterfly layering punch from Michaels with a 40% off coupon so it was under $10 (PS - if you have a smartphone they have an app that always has a 40% off coupon so you never have to worry about saving those receipt pieces). Then I unearthed the million paint chip samples I collected several years back when we bought our house and I wanted to paint every. single. room. a different color. They've been sitting in a box in a closet for 5 years. Time to put them to use. 

The punch has 3 'layers', which basically means increasing levels of detail in the butterfly itself. I found the first 2 layers occasionally left a jagged edge on the paint chip as it tried to punch through (see the gray butterfly in the pic below? The punch didn't even cut all the way through the paint chip. No bueno.) The 3rd layer, also the most detailed, was great. I punched away to my heart's content on a variety of colors and shades. I knew I wanted the finished art to be colorful and happy feeling.

Use old paint chips and a butterfly punch to create colorful artwork | A Crafty Wife

After punching a bunch, I arranged the butterflies in a random grid, spreading the colors out across 4 groupings of 9 butterflies each. I bought 4 5 x 7 white frames from Target and used white textured resume paper I had on hand (it's thicker than printer paper but not as thick as cardstock, and I liked the subtle texture it had) to attach the butterflies to with Mod Podge. 
  After drying, into the frames they went! Hubs helped me mark the wall over the crib and then we attached them using 3M's Command Picture Hanging Strips. If you haven't used these yet, they are FANTASTIC! Basically Velcro that attaches to the wall and to your frame. No more having to hang things on studs or patch holes left by nails.

Small frame from Target and 3M command strip to attach butterfly punch art to nursery wall | A Crafty Wife

And voila! Instant colorful art. You could easily do this with any other punch. It would look nice with a patterned scrapbook paper as the backing and all the same color butterflies in one frame too. Or make the butterflies out of patterned scrapbook paper. Endless possibilities... 

Hang a row of butterfly paint chip punch art above a crib or changing table for baby to look at | A Crafty Wife

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