November 24, 2013

More Playroom Ink Transfer Art

After I made the 'You Are My Sunshine' pieces for the playroom, I came across this and decided to use my new ink transfer to wood skills and attempt to make one. There are a ton of examples on Pinterest and Etsy, so I scoured a bunch to get my favorite wording and then went to work laying the text out in Photoshop (you could just as easily use Word, PowerPoint, or another word processing program). This one is sized at about 12" x 22". I used the same process of printing a mirror image and taping it to the board, then painting over it with water and burnishing the ink onto the board.

Handmade playroom rules ink transfer art | A Crafty Wife

In my first attempt at this, I painted the board a light blue-gray (the same color as our kitchen - we had the paint already), but I didn't think the ink was dark enough after I transferred it. I forgot to snap a pic of this for comparison, but let's just say you'd have to be within 3 feet to read it clearly. I even attempted to carefully paint over the ink with watered down black acrylic paint to give it a watercolor effect, but I didn't like how it looked.

So...it was back out to the garage to see what other paint colors we had on hand. I ended up going with white (I think I actually used trim paint) since that would be the clearest to read and just painted over the entire board (2 coats to cover it all up). For a little contrast, I painted the edges black.

Handmade playroom rules printer ink transfer art | A Crafty Wife

Not counting my do over time or paint drying time, I would guess this entire project was about 3 hours of actual work spread over several days. The longest chunk for me was the Photoshop portion - getting the fonts, sizing, and overall layout how I wanted it. In the end, I'm happy with how it turned out, even if it does look a little less polished than the cute ones on Etsy. Total cost = $0 since I used materials we already had. Next time I may try painting over vinyl lettering and then peeling them off. Has anybody tried that technique with success?

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