January 24, 2014

A Winter ONEderland Birthday Party

My baby girl celebrated her first birthday a few weeks ago, so you know I got all crafty for her party. I figure this is the only year I'll get to decide on a theme (I have visions of purple horses and princess butterflies as themes for future parties). Since she's a winter baby and the theme is all too perfect, 'Winter ONEderland' it was. There are a ton of cute decorations and ideas on this theme on Etsy, which I was very tempted to do...but I wanted to be crafty and spend as little money as possible.

The party colors were going to be pink and silver, so that was my starting point for decorations. A trip to Michaels for scrapbook paper inspiration led me to these fun pink and gray patterns. I bought some matching solid color stock as well for the lettering panels. Total cost for 8 sheets of paper was under $5. I then made two templates (from a cereal box) - one for the larger triangle on patterned paper and one for the smaller triangle on solid color paper.

Making birthday pennants for ONEderland party  | A Crafty Wife

I opted to hand write the letters on each flag with a Sharpie for simplicity and time's sake. Then, using a sharpened pencil, I poked a hole in the upper corners for the ribbon to go through. 

Poke hole with pencil for ribbon to go through on ONEderland birthday bunting pennants | A Crafty Wife

I happened to have some white rope-like ribbon and used that, but you could use anything. A little threading and they were done!

Patterned scrapbook paper in party theme colors  | A Crafty Wife

For extra decoration, I made smaller flags with the leftover paper and hand threaded these with a needle and thread, alternating the paper colors/patterns randomly. I made about 8 of these to hang around the dining room and kitchen during the party to tie everything together.

Make smaller pennants for table decorations, high chair, and wall decoratinos for ONEderland party | A Crafty Wife

Can you believe I didn't even get a good photo of the finished birthday banner? You can see part of it in the background here behind peewee. The mini-flags are also on her high chair tray, although they look pretty ragged in this shot.

Winter ONEderland birthday girl and pennants | A Crafty Wife

Besides the baby, the highlight of the party (any party) is always the food. I wanted everything to tie back to the Winter ONEderland theme, be easy to eat (read: finger food), and not break the bank. I did a lot of searching on Pinterest for clever food (and some decor) ideas (like this and this and this). Here was our final spread.

Winter ONEderland first birthday party food spread ideas | A Crafty Wife

Snowman parts, reindeer snacks, cold cuts, snow covered strawberries (they were supposed to be dipped in white chocolate, but I burned it during the melting process so it ended up being drizzled), cheese ball snowman, Santa's B-Team (meatballs - think about it. Wink wink), chicken & tuna salad snowiches (sandwiches cut with snowflake and snowman cookie cutters), and pigs in a blanket.

Winter ONEderland first birthday food- snowman parts | A Crafty Wife
Winter ONEderland first birthday food - reindeer snacks, cold cuts, snow covered strawberries | A Crafty Wife
Winter ONEderland first birthday food - cheesy snowman, Santa's B team | A Crafty Wife
Winter ONEderland first birthday food - Chicken and tuna salad snowiches | A Crafty Wife

For beverages, we had melted snow and melted yellow snow (a thematic favorite), Coke/Diet Coke/Cherry Coke, and hot cocoa with toppings and adult additives. 

Winter ONEderland first birthday food - hot chocolate bar, melted snow, melted yellow snow | A Crafty Wife

It may not be the prettiest Winter ONEderland first birthday party on Pinterest, but I had a fun time making everything, and our guests seemed to enjoy themselves. Happy Birthday to our little girl (and to this mama)!

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