February 6, 2014

Valentine Heart Garland

I made this cute little Valentine heart garland a few years ago, and every February I break it out and hang it in the big window in our kitchen. It's very simple to make, and with Valentine's Day only a week away, something you can do tonight to add a little charm to your home.

Valentine's Day heart garland made from sheet music and scrapbook paper | A Crafty Wife

I used copies of the sheet music from our wedding to add a little sentimental value to them. You could also use copies of books, poems, handwritten notes (does anyone still do that?), or even pretty patterned scrapbook paper to make your hearts. I made a simple template with a piece of cardboard, traced it on the paper, and then cut out all the hearts. It's okay if they're not all exactly the same. 

Use favorite songs wedding songs for sheet music | A Crafty Wife

I wanted random lengths of the finished garland, so I grouped the hearts in piles with different numbers of hearts (my smallest pile had 10 and the largest had 17). I mixed each song up amongst all the piles and then added some hearts from scrapbook paper. 

Then, it's time for the sewing machine. Yes, we are going to sew on paper. It works, trust me, you just have to work slowly. Using a straight stitch (it looks like this if your machine has stitch selection buttons), slowly stitch down the center of the first heart. When you get to the bottom point of the heart, let it go one or two cycles of the needle going up and down before you start the next heart (sorry, I don't know the technical term for this). Work slowly and you won't tear up your paper. When you get to the end of the first garland, run your stitch backward just once to knot it off. When you cut the thread, leave three to six inches of string and bobbin thread so you can tie a charm to the bottom by hand. I used these 'Love' heart charms I found at Michaels. The charms help weigh down the garland once you hang it in the window so it doesn't get tangled up. 

Pretty patterned scrapbook paper and a heart charm keep the Valentine garland in place | A Crafty Wife

And voila! Handmade DIY Valentine's heart garland! I made 9 strands, but you could do any number depending on the area you want to cover. You can even go super crazy and sew some of them upside down. I sometimes leave these hanging until our anniversary in April since they do double duty as decorations. They look so nice when the heat comes on too since they blow in the breeze and the hearts spin just a bit.

Anybody else getting last-minute crafty for Valentine's Day?

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