March 3, 2014

St. Patty's Day Shamrock

Can you believe before I finished this project I had NO St. Patrick's Day decor for my house? I'm like 63.7% Irish too, which makes it even more of a travesty. On a recent trip to Hobby Lobby for other project supplies, I saw this rustic-texturey shamrock and thought it would look nice on my front door.

Hobby Lobby St Patrick's Day shamrock wall hanging inspiration | A Crafty Wife

But then the little voice in the back of my head said, "Hey, you could make something similar to that without spending $12.99." And with that, the wheels started turning.

I started by printing a shamrock shape (just do a Google Image search and you'll find a ton to choose from) and tracing it out on cardboard. In this case, I used a diaper box (since we have plenty of those around!) and cut it out with scissors.

Print shamrock template from computer and trace onto cardboard | A Crafty Wife

Depending what your cardboard looks like, you may not need to do the next step. I painted the printed side of the box with black acrylic craft paint to cover up the words and pictures and then painted over that with green acrylic craft paint. The green by itself wasn't enough to cover the box design, so that's why I did black first. If your cardboard is in good shape and you don't want to paint it, move on to the next step. While the painted shamrock was drying, I painted 3 wooden hearts with green acrylic craft paint to attach later.

Paint shamrock to cover cardboard | A Crafty Wife

I happened to have 2.5" wired burlap ribbon on hand, so that's what I used to cover the shamrock to get the texture. I discovered after I finished the project (go figure) that craft stores also sell sheets of burlap, usually in the floral department. That would have made these next few steps a lot easier! Anyway, I cut strips of the burlap ribbon so I had enough to cover the shamrock. Since it was wired ribbon, I also cut off the wired edges so I could make it look as seamless as possible.

Use burlap ribbon to give texture to shamrock wall hanging | A Crafty Wife

I used Mod Podge to glue the burlap to the cardboard shamrock. When it dried, I used scissors to carefully cut the excess burlap off the edges, then applied a little more Mod Podge on the cut edges to prevent fraying. After that dried, I painted the edges of the shamrock with brown craft paint just to give it some detail. Then I hot glued the wooden hearts in place.

Hot glue painted wooden hearts onto cardboard shamrock | A Crafty Wife

Next, I made two small bows from green ribbon and paper raffia. A little hot glue under each is enough to hold them in place.

Raffia and ribbon for bows | A Crafty Wife

I scavenged my spare button container (doesn't everyone have one of those?!) hoping I had something green to use. I was in luck - a dusty sage green button from one of hubs' old shirts was calling out to be used for this project. Another dab of hot glue and on it went!

Cardboard and burlap shamrock for St. Patrick's Day | A Crafty Wife

As for the hanging device, I used a 6" piece of decorative wire (also from the floral department) bent in a loop and twisted at the end. It's buried in hot glue, so I don't think it's going anywhere. I don't expect this to be pulled on/played with at all, so the glue attached to the cardboard should be enough to hold it.

Use floral wire and hot glue to make a hanging hook | A Crafty Wife

Here it is, all finished and hanging on our front door! The grapevine wreath is always there - I change out the ribbon by season so it's always festive. 

Cardboard shamrock for front door | A Crafty Wife

Anybody else getting crafty for St. Patty's? I'm just glad I finally have something to hang up around the house. 

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