April 29, 2014

Adventures in Sewing - iPad/Tablet Case

My love/hate relationship with my sewing machine is pretty well documented (see more of my sewing machine escapades here and here). So it was only natural to attempt another sewing project  just to see where things stood with dear 'ol Singer.

DIY iPad fabric case | A Crafty Wife

We recently got an iPad mini for the family and had it loaded up with Baby Einstein videos to keep the little one entertained during plane rides...but we didn't have a way to protect the iPad in my purse (we are definitely tempting fate by not having an OtterBox-type cover on it, but so far so good).

I raided my fabric stash and decided to use green felt for the inside lining and the colorful flowery/paisley fabric (leftover from my Ikea Rast Hack) for the outside. After some sketching and calculating the size of the closing flap, I was ready to go.

fabric and felt selections for iPad case | A Crafty Wife

I cut the fabric and felt to 8.75" wide x 15.625" long, which gave me a .25" seam allowance on all sides plus room to cut the closing flap out of one end. Note: if your tablet is bigger, you'll want to increase your dimensions accordingly. I gave myself about a half inch of wiggle room inside the case.

After ironing and pinning the seams for the outer fabric, I trimmed the felt down so it was just barely smaller than the outer fabric, then pinned the two together.

pin and iron seams down for iPad case | A Crafty Wife

I placed the iPad on the felt and drew chalk lines where I wanted the bottom and top of the case to be.
Use chalk to mark where you want your iPad case seams | A Crafty Wife

Then I stitched right down the chalk lines to secure the fabric and felt together.

Sew down your chalk line | A Crafty Wife

Initially, I envisioned a triangle flap with one piece of Velcro to hold the case closed. But then the reality of how to make that work without it looking wonky just made me frustrated (please refer to the first sentence of this post - this is the hate part of my relationship with sewing). So it became a trapezoid instead.

The short side (or very top of the flap when opened) measures 5". I used my rotary cutter to cut a straight line from the edge of the short side to the outer corner of the case in the felt only.

Cut the felt iPad case closing flap first | A Crafty Wife

Then I trimmed the outer fabric to allow for the seam (marking the fabric at half an inch from the felt edge, trimming off the excess, then folding the remaining fabric in half with the edge tucked under the felt), pinned everything in place, and then sewed the felt to the fabric for the flap.

Use a ruler to mark your seam allowance | A Crafty Wife

The last piece of sewing was to fold the case and sew the sides together. I knew the iPad was going to fit snugly, so I tried to keep the seam as close to the outer edge as I could to give it as much room as possible.

Pin your iPad case closed and sew carefully | A Crafty Wife

Sew iPad case closed with your sewing machine | A Crafty Wife

Once the sewing was finished, I added sticky Velcro dots (no sewing needed!) to keep it closed.

Beautiful DIY fabric iPad case to protect it in your purse/suitcase | A Crafty Wife

Here it is, all ready to be stashed in my purse. I just love the colors in this fabric!

DIY fabric iPad case to protect it in your purse | A Crafty Wife

I'd love to see any other iPad/tablet cases you've made. I thought about adding an interior pocket to store the charger, but I figured baby steps was the best way to get on the good side of my sewing machine...

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