May 9, 2014

A Green Thumb...From Painting Pots

I'd like to think I inherited my grandfather's green thumb when it comes to gardening. I've managed to keep a few hardy perennials alive in my garden, and hubs and I do alright when it comes to growing our own tomatoes and cucumbers. But I've never had much luck with indoor plants. The lack of consistent bright sunlight probably has something to do with it. As does the sporadic watering twice a month (if I'm lucky). Now that I'm home full time with the little one, I'm hoping that will change.

Painted and stenciled terra cotta pots for houseplants | A Crafty Wife

Home Depot sells 4" mini houseplants for $3, so I got a couple. They are so cute! I also bought some small terra cotta pots and saucers to plant them in. I wasn't crazy about the boring old terra cotta look though, so I decided to paint and stencil them.

First up was a coat of Kilz water based primer. Then I used Valspar latex paint (my BHG mag had a coupon for a free sample pot - bingo!) in Four Leaf Clover. It took 3 coats of paint to hide all of the white primer (the pot in the center of the photo below is after 1 coat of paint, and the one on the right is after 2 coats of paint).

Painted terra cotta pots for houseplants | A Crafty Wife

I painted the outsides of the pots and the top inch or so of the inner lip. Here they are, ready to be stenciled.

Small terra cotta pots painted with latex paint and then stenciled | A Crafty Wife

I used Nueva 2" plastic stencils from Hobby Lobby to trace the letters onto the pots using a pencil.

Nueva stencils for stenciling pots | A Crafty Wife

Since I had 3 pots, I wanted to do "live," "laugh," and "love", with the biggest pot getting the longest word. I just eyeballed the letter spacing. In hindsight, I should have made them a little closer together so you can read the whole word without having to turn the pot.

Trace the stencil letters onto the pot before painting | A Crafty Wife

Then I carefully painted the letters. I used Martha Stewart acrylic craft paint in Mint and the smallest brush I could find in my craft stash. Holy cow, it's not easy painting inside the lines! I felt like I was in kindergarten again.

Paint in the stenciled letters with acrylic craft paint | A Crafty Wife

When all three pots were done, outside we went for a quick clear coat - I used Rustoleum's Painter's Touch in Matte Clear since we already had it on hand. (I also painted another pot I was already using inside, which is the one you see on the left in the pic below.)

Once the pots were dry, the plants went in and got a thorough watering.

Painted and stenciled terra cotta pots for houseplants | A Crafty Wife

Sadly, the only room downstairs that gets 'sufficient' sunlight is our half bath...so that's where these babies are going to live. At least, until I forget to water them for a month...

Painted and stenciled terra cotta pots for houseplants | A Crafty Wife