March 18, 2015

Upcycle Old Cabinets Into A Toddler Play Kitchen

We renovated our kitchen 5 years ago, and since then, hubs has been using a few of the old cabinets in the garage for storage. We knew we wanted to give our 2-year-old a play kitchen for Christmas, and after seeing so many cute cabinets-turned-kitchens on Pinterest, we decided to make one ourselves. One of the cabinets that had hung over our microwave was the perfect shape for a play kitchen once it was turned upside down, so that's what we used.

Hubs took the lead on this project, and since most of it was done the two days before Christmas, I don't have any step-by-step photos or details for you. I do know he used a bunch of scrap wood to make doors for the fridge, freezer, pantry cabinet, and oven door, along with shelves. An old microwave rack became the oven rack. Here's a shot of it before paint.

Make play kitchen from old kitchen cabinets and scrap wood.

The fridge/freezer and oven handles are from Ikea. The faucet is an old one from before our bathroom renovation with the pipes and loose pieces removed (the handle still twists!), and the sink is a small mixing bowl found in a scratch and dent sale at Williams-Sonoma. I painted the kitchen with primer and leftover interior latex paint. The fridge and freezer are bright white trim paint, even though they look gray in the picture below.

Old cabinet upcycled into play kitchen for toddler, add paint and hardware.

My favorite part of the whole kitchen is what hubs did with the oven! Check out the knob and buttons for our little one to push! They came from a broken space heater and are carefully super-glued in place.

Use space heater buttons to make oven controls for toddler play kitchen from old cabinet.

The play kitchen now lives in our living room, and it's been a great way to occupy our toddler while I make dinner! She received this Melissa & Doug play food set, this Old El Paso food set, and this pot & pan set from Ikea
as gifts to complete the kitchen.

Cabinet turned into play kitchen stocked with play food from Melissa and Doug, Ikea, Toys R Us.

It's been quite popular with our friends' young kids as well. All in all, a relatively easy to make gift that will hopefully be around for a long time!

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